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Get to know me

My name is Renae Lamb and I love life. I’m married to my best friend Calvin, and we have two sons: Elijah and Ezra.


I was born in Hungary and I was raised here in the USA. I love this country and the opportunities that it has given me. I thank the Lord daily for blessing me with such awesome family and friends. I love to ride motorcycles. I love Christmas and summer. I hate being cold. My favorite food is Chocolate. I love puppies! My Dad and I own a BMW repair shop where I help out during the week days. I don’t drink soda and I hate olives. Someday I will be on Deal or no Deal. I consider myself a fun person. You only have one shot at this life so make the best of it. You can find me on facebook and be my friend. then you can really get the daily scoop!


If you have made is this far; thank you for reading!

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